Weng Ho Sports Sdn Bhd
Weng Ho Sports Sdn Bhd
Piratez Strike's Gunz Force in action!
Piratez Strike GUNZ FORCE SHOOTER, the ultimate casting rod.
Field testing at Saumlaki Indonesia.
Weng Ho Sports Sdn Bhd
Piratez Strike Blood Sword
Here's a short snippet of the capability of the Blood sword(56/5) in action, with video contributed by our fellow Indonesian friend.
Hold on tight and pump!
Field Test in Brunei October 2018
Piratez Strike Field testing trip to Brunei.
This week we kick of with the previous field trip made to Brunei, where the primarily goal was to test the Piratez Blood Sword rods.
Many considerations were made before they were put into production. Rod action, balance and durability were all tested way beforehand.
Many thanks to our fellow Brunei friends for taking us out fishing.
Weng Ho Sports Sdn Bhd
Expedition Luwak, Indonesia
Our recent expedition takes us to Luwuk, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia where our teams takes on large Dog tooth tunas and Yellow fin tunas.
One of our mission was to test the limit of our Blood Sword range of rods, at full drag.
In the video, you'll get to see the rods at full loading.
Taking it in strides and landing countless fishes with no issues.
This is how we test our products, countless expeditions and doing full lock testing.
We would like to thank Imanda for editing the footages.
Weng Ho Sports Sdn Bhd
Piratez Blood Sword power 3 taking a 'no holds bar' beating from this angler.
Extremely light weight yet powerfull enough to handle any situation given.
Weng Ho Sports Sdn Bhd
Field Test in Pontian Malaysia October 2019 (Part 2)
Piratez Strike Blood Sword at full lock!
Our last trip to Pontian, Malaysia where the Blood Sword 56/3 was used.
You can see the fantastic action of the rod tip during jigging, fast, precise and beautifully balanced.
At 1min 40sec, you will see the angler using the rod to it's full potential.
Pumping the rod at full lock without the rod showing any sign of weakness.
Blood Sword, with rod weighing at a mere 125g(power 3), excellent tip action and capable working at full lock.
Once you hold the rod itself, you will not believe the power it possess.
Field Test in Pontian Malaysia October 2019 (Part 1)
An introductory video to show the capabilites of our products.
Constructed using genuine Toray 40 ton carbon cloth for an ultra-high strength and high tenacity rod.
Feel the difference!

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